Why The Creative Company is Different.

PR, Digital Skills and Congruency across Channels.

At our core is our passion for public relations in all its forms. We know more about building bridges and creating relationships that last than most because that is fundamentally who we are.

The Creative Company, located just 6 blocks from the Wisconsin Capitol building in Madison WI, has been making news happen since our first year in business when we put the nation’s first Budgetel Inn Budgetdome on the cover of Hotel Motel Management and have been doing it ever since. Earned media is 10 times more valuable than paid but that’s not all. We take those editorial skills and make sure the story grows resulting in successful lead generation campaigns, capital campaigns and widespread community support for big ideas. Moreover, we also have in-house design, video and website development skills to help you carry that message throughout all of your channels. There are no silos here as we all pull together to create an experience for your customers that works.


“I didn’t know exactly what it would mean to work with Creative Company. Now I can’t imagine not having them.”

– Patti Segar, Executive Director
End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin

About Laura Gallagher

laura-roundOne of the things people notice first about Laura is her energy and curiosity. As the President and founder of The Creative Company in Madison WI, she’s the spark that ignites the flame.

Laura is a life long learner who is currently a finalist for Goldman Sach’s 10,000 Women Global Initiative and about to graduate from the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City’s program. In June of 2016, she was recognized by the Governor as a Trailblazer in Wisconsin.

Laura is a 2016 Business Forum Athena Award nominee and her new book, “#180in120 – How to Recharge Your Business in 120 Days” is available on Amazon.com and at www.180in120.com. She is ranked #1 among professionals like her on Linked In.

She is a full on competitor too although that mostly shows up in business as she leads PR and social media campaigns and works collaboratively with others on her team to achieve great things. She has produced a wide portfolio of work, covering public relations, marketing communications, advertising campaigns, crisis counseling, event promotion and media relations.

the team

The Creative Company team features people with values based experience.

Betsy Ezell
Senior Account Executive

Lori Miazga
Chief Financial Officer

Madison Eckle

Craig Hadley
Senior Web Developer

Tracy Kapela
Art Director

Thomas Connolly
Office Manager