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#140 Twitter Conference

Liesel and I just got back from the #140 Tweet Conference with Entrepreneur Jeff Pulver. Jeff and his team are driving all around the Midwest to bring people of all different walks of life together – by tweeting!

Here’s a recap of what we learned:

  • Every tweet matters
  • Social media is a technological time capsule
  • Inspiration & Integrity spur ROI
  • Ham radios were the first form of social media
  • Find a balance between online and offline

The #140 Tweet Conference is heading to Detroit on October 19th

– this should be a great day in Detroit, because it is a ‘Day of Giving.’  This ‘Day of Giving’ is not about money or even volunteerism necessarily; it is about knowledge.  So go to Detroit, if you can, and teach people about social media or marketing or whatever you are good at! And if you can’t make it to Detroit to contribute?  Go for it in your own town!

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