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Advocacy Through Social Media

How Your Organization Can Successfully Use Social Media to Advocate Your Cause

The right advocacy through social channels can be a powerful strategy for your organization’s success. To help you we have included Laura Gallagher’s presentation on this topic from her talk at United Way’s 2017 ASK AN EXPERT BOARD SERIES TRAINING.

Participants learned:

  • Why your social media presence matters
  • How board members and EDs work together to advocate through social media
  • Best practices for events and campaigns

See the presentation, and use the tools to help your organization achieve its goals.

Downloadable Tools:

Bonus Tips:

  • Create Social Campaigns that Interact with Consumers
  • Listen to Your Donors and Volunteers – Don’t Just Promote
  • Build an Organic Following With Better Relationships
  • Avoid Untimely Messages Around Current Events
  • Be Personal and Give Humanistic Responses