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Are You An Expert In Your Industry?


What’s the quickest and most efficient way to become an expert in your field?


Yesterday Liesel and I (Kara) took an all day social media, SEO and Public Relations conference through Vocus. It was intense, insightful and most of all very interesting. We always knew that these components linked together because we do it everyday; but it was nice to hear how we can make those bonds even stronger.

 After taking a day to soak in all the information I couldn’t get blogging off my mind.

 Yes, blogging. Everyone knows about it, does it or knows someone who has one; but how many companies do it? Not as many as you think and the worst part – companies are letting a window of opportunity float away.

Whether you sell shoes, food or mansions the quickest way to become an expert in your field is to start writing a blog. You may not think this is the best way but trust me it is. Most reporters, before working on a story do some research and most of the times this research is done online. If you can write about your industry at least once a week using key words you want your company described as then you too can pin yourself as the expert in your field.

 So owners, CEO’s and presidents pull out your laptop and start writing. If you need help setting up a blog or need a ghost writer to help get the blog going then give us a call at The Creative Company, we would be more than happy to help.

 Below are a few other interesting facts we learned during yesterday’s conference.

Happy Blogging!

·   The new PR person is a hybrid, a mix between traditional media and social media.

·   It is just as important to make a relationship with a blogger as it is a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

·   All companies should have social media policies put in place. i.e. Which employees have access? Who’s managing? What is acceptable use? What content should we/shouldn’t we share.

·   84% of companies don’t measure their ROI.

·   Know who your audience is and who you want to reach with your press release before you send it. Do you want to target specific people or a mass audience? This can help determine whether to use traditional media or social media.

·   The most over rated word in press releases in 2008 was Innovate and other forms of this word, number three was unique. Don’t use these words in a press release.

·   When you send a press release you need to capture key words. That way when someone searches for those key words your releases come up. For example Metcalfe’s Market wants to be known as the leading local grocer in Madison. Use those key words in  Metcalfe’s releases: Grocer, Local, Madison

·   You need to estimate the value of your customers before you can plan how to reach those customers. What is their worth to your company?

·   People don’t have relationships with your brand itself they have relationships with the people representing your brand.

·   The best times to tweet are Monday or Friday at noon.