Designer Claire Johnson Joins The Creative Company Creating Story-Driven Experiences Through Design


The Creative Company is pleased to announce that Claire Johnson has joined the firm as a graphic designer.

Claire Johnson arrived at her current position by way of school and stage. Johnson began her career as a special education teacher. She first noticed her visual-communication skills while accommodating curriculum for students in special education programs – a talent for which she was tapped to train her industry peers. Johnson also brings a decade of leadership creating, designing, and developing stage costuming as she helped bring characters to life for the Verona Area Community Theatre where her family plays an active part.

Now, she brings her talent for engaging visuals and creating meaningful human connections to benefit The Creative Company’s clients.

“We are thrilled Claire is joining our firm,” said Laura Gallagher, President and Founder of The Creative Company, “She’s a creative force whose leadership and expertise will be of tremendous value to everyone we work with. I’ve known Claire Johnson for 20 years and have seen the thoughtfulness she puts into all her creative endeavors. Her portfolio stands head and shoulders above her peers. We’re excited to share her talent with our clients.”

Claire’s new role at The Creative Company allows her to design story-driven experiences, including branding, websites, marketing templates, product design, wayfinding and experiential design.

“Knowing Laura and the team as I have, I was able to see firsthand the innovative and creative culture The Creative Company brings to our community and our state,” explained Claire Johnson. “When I began my search for a new role, I knew I wanted to work with a visionary company that would allow me to create unique visual experiences with a diversity of creative voices. The Creative Company was my first call and I’m so glad to be on the team.”

Claire received her associate’s degree in Graphic Design from Madison Area Technical College. She also holds a bachelor of science from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in Special Education and Teaching.

To schedule a meeting with Claire Johnson, please email her at or call 608-442-6336 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.


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