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Website Case Study


Your website is your greatest marketing tool. On the surface, a site that is slick, modern, uses parallax and icons and other popular features seems like a great site, right? But what about the user? Does the site help them take the action that will meet your organization’s goals? Does the site work with your strategic plan for increasing your bottom line? Or does it just look nice?

Easter Seals Wisconsin retained Creative Company to build a new site–actually 7 new sites in one. Take a look at the results:

User Experience Highlights

7 Sites in 1 for seamless user conversion:

  • Easter Seals Wisconsin
  • EventsCamps and Respite
  • FARM Program
  • Self-Employment Services
  • Educational Programming
  • Give to Easter Seals

Online Giving Portal with robust features for In Honorarium and In Memory gifts

Useful online forms:

  • Camp Registration
  • Volunteer
  • Medical Examination
  • Information Requests

Streamlined news & article structure to simplify posting

“Our organization had a lot of needs for our new website. While the task seemed overwhelming to us, The Creative Company was able to tackle all of those challenges and create a website that simplified our user’s experience. Having so many different programs and so much information outlined on our website, we were struggling to organize the site and how the user would travel through it. Craig and Betsy helped us map out our most immediate needs and organize it in a way that made sense and was user friendly.

We worked with a different developer in the past and had disaster strike when it came time to switch our website over and go live. We were nervous for that final step, but Craig knew what he was doing and it was a seamless transition that went as smoothly as we could have hoped. The communication from our team at The Creative Company was great, getting answers for us quickly and helping us after the launch was completed with any issues that popped up. The overall experience was far less stressful than it had been in the past, and I would highly recommend working with The Creative Company as they are efficient in the work that they do and produce a beautiful product.”

Visit Easter Seals Website

3 Tips for Building a company website

1. Developing a website is as much work for you as it is for the company you hire to develop it.

Be prepared. Make sure there is someone on your team who is dedicated to the project, can think through and deliver the website content and has time set aside to devote to the project. Without a designated point person or the time to invest, your project will take a long time and likely go over budget.

2. You want more than a brochure online.

There is a big difference between a website that is strategically customized to meet your specific business goals and a website that has a nice looking theme with your information plugged into the pre-made pages. You can hire a company to make a big box version of your brochure online for a lot less than you can hire the Creative Company to build you a website that works for your business. And by “works for your business” we mean a website that makes your business successful and aligns with your strategic business goals. User experience is everything and understanding the customer journey is essential.

3. Photography, photography, photography.

While SEO best practices make all the difference for website success on the backend (which we know well), professional photography makes your brand truly shine on the front end of your site. We all know a picture says a thousand words. The best websites tell a compelling story with words AND images. Low quality images or no images at all speak just as loudly as the words on your homepage.

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