image of Irina

Meet Irina, our new Public Relations & Content Director!

Why work for The Creative Company? Does the “creative” part of it suit you?

Creativity is about seeing and making connections between things that are seemingly unrelated. Creative thinking solves problems because it opens up possibilities.

The word itself defines its power; to create is to build, to make. Well crafted writing can move people’s emotions, inspire movements, and transform cultures. Then, take the visual; stunning colors, images that poke right into the hippocampus can unearth childhood memories or thoughts of urgency or calm. Sound, music that physically penetrates into the body, has the power to move. Creative is powerful, beautiful, connective, and bare-skin human. Can you imagine living in a world without music, or beauty, or inspiring stories? Creativity adds depth and value to life and my job adds that to the world.

At The Creative Company I see our clients putting their life-blood into their work. They take time away from their kids, from the fresh air and sunshine and from their personal needs to forge ahead and give it their all to see their businesses grow. They do what they know best, but they can’t do it all, and that’s where I am compelled to step in and say “hey, we got you.” To be creative is to solve problems, and we are a bunch of creative problem solvers around here.

I love working at The Creative Company because “creative” is what we do here. I am surrounded by entrepreneurial thinkers who are leaders in their own right. Everyone here has their own thing going and is passionate about what they do; each has contributed something special to their field.  This team is resourceful and creative, knowing how to step up when the going gets tough. It’s exciting to work here, and I get to strengthen my “creative muscle” while working on a variety of projects in various industries. I get to build relationships, learn– constantly, and make creative connections!

Favorite thing to do when not working?

Hiking at Devil’s Lake with my daughter Sage who is 9, and son Kai who is 7. We love exploring the wild and going on adventures on bike, foot, or boat.  Sailing and kayaking are big favorites of mine– I love the water!  Gardening, painting and writing poetry are my dry-land activities.

Something funny or surprising about yourself?

People tell me I’m funny, but I say looks aren’t everything.

What are some of the things you’ve done throughout your career that are interesting?

Co-founding an aviation company, starting my own business, and having my own column in a newspaper are all things I am proud of.

What do you do that makes you come alive?

Sailing. Pushing myself physically to the limit while exploring wilderness areas. Writing poetry. Dancing.