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November 2020 Newsletter: Google is Judging Your Website’s User Experience, Plus 8 Ways to Be Successful Right Now

 8 Ways to Be Successful Right Now

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Gratitude & Reflections

As the water on our lakes turns from liquid to frozen here in Wisconsin, it’s a good time to step back and look at what’s been accomplished as well as what’s next. Like you, we are spending time thinking about our plans for the business and how we adapt in an ever-changing environment.

Previous pandemics have shown rapid innovation happening. Here at The Creative Company, a number of our client companies went from “let’s wait” on the Shopify cart, for example, to “We need it yesterday.” We’ve had a steady and strong year, all things considered. I’m enormously grateful for every client who took this rare time in our lives to take action, to not sit this one out, and to move their business forward. They will absolutely be stronger on the other side.

Here are 8 ideas that will keep your eye on what's needed now and what's next:
  1. Leverage what’s already been put into play that customers and clients want. Eliminate distractions and line extensions that aren't producing.
  2. Keep building towards the future. Dream big. Step into six months from now, a year from now, 5 years from now. It will be here before you know it. Now is the time to lay the groundwork for successful outcomes.
  3. The people who are closest to you are most important. Make sure they are shored up, feeling as safe as possible, and using this time to grow in some important way.
  4. There are many people in need in our communities. What can you do as an organization or an individual to heal the world we’re living in? Where can you bring joy where there is suffering?
  5. Avoid chaos and make sure client services and processes are the best they’ve ever been. Use year-end to get organized. Review the tools you're using and determine if all are necessary. Simplify. Streamline. Less is more.
  6. Beware the digital monkey, aka your smartphone, that sits on your desk. It can be a time suck. Focus has never been more needed and harder than ever to achieve. Guard your time, for out of it flows the wellsprings of life.
  7. Make an audacious, bold plan for 2021. Take this precious time we have now to create the foundation for a great year and your best decade yet! If you need help with a marketing plan, we're here to be your guide.
  8. Thrive. Just because there’s a gravitational pull towards all that’s wrong in the world doesn’t mean you need to join in. Do the opposite. Choose to live confidently. Create. Make. Ship your work. Bring your best self to everything you do. Play nice together. Determine your own course and bring others along. They’ll love it. It’s so much more interesting than the alternative. You’ll be healthier and more resilient as will those around you!

Keep scrolling to see how valuable the user experience has become on your company website. Beyond the obvious benefits, Google is now ranking websites in a new way and it is a game-changer. Is your company prepared? If not, we can help.

With joy and gratitude that you, remarkable you, are part of this creative, innovative, and energizing community! I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!