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That’s News Feed to Me

We recently took in the Facebook Developer Conference #F8. (We didn’t get to travel to San Fran,  but watched the livestream)

Facebook’s News Feed managers talked about how News Feed works.

We thought we’d share a bit of insight on what they said and how you might improve your posts to better show up.

First off – Adam Mosseri, the News Feed product director, says “Everyone’s newsfeed is completely unique.” No person will have the same experience when they thumb through.

The goal of the News Feed is to highlight and showcase what’s happening in a user’s world right now.  Another big factor in what shows up in your newsfeed is relevance. Facebook managers ask the question “Is a post relevant right now when you see it?“

Organizations, publishers and social media managers need to think for the long term and determine what resonates with your audience. Begging the question “What do they want to see?” “What is the type of content that keeps them coming back?”

Facebook has done quite a bit of research, digging deeper into which posts people actually like and engage with. Initially they were tracking engagement from the rudimentary LIKES and SHARES.  Now they’ve done research on a post’s quality. Posts that seem spammy will be received as such.

Mosseri suggests that experimenting with different types of posts is the best way to see what content works best. Some fans or followers might engage with photos, others may like lots of links.  In essence there’s no secret sauce or perfect post or time period to get into a News Feed. However the best advice News Feed managers offer is “Don’t post anything that you don’t think is good!”

Our rule of thumb at The Creative Company is “Good content is good content.”

If you’d like to learn more about how News Feed works check out the link.

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