WEDWisconsin – What An Incredible Day!

Last week, Creative Company produced and hosted the first ever Women's Entrepreneurship Day Wisconsin for a sold out audience of 400 women and men. Three standing ovations, a packed house, so much energy in the room we didn't know if we could contain it, big ideas, high challenge concepts and one fantastic cocktail hour featuring Tito's Handmade Vodka to wrap it all up!

WEDWisconsin room full of attendees

Dozens of incredible sponsors stepped up to support women's empowerment and statewide media covered the event. Creative Company coordinated and hosted a press conference in the Governor's press room announcing the Governor's proclamation of Women's Entrepreneurship Week. There's a lot to celebrate!


Laura Gallagher, WEDWisconsin Ambassador and The Creative Company President


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What can this mean for you? 

Does your organization have a major event coming up? Do you need statewide public relations? Call us! Creative Company has the experience and expertise you need.

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"Women thrive in a community that recognizes their potential, inspires, supports and encourages them and always has their back." - Mary Burke, Building Brave.

Badge #1 has been uploaded and is live within the WEDWisconsin community!

Badge Name: Allison Liddle

Badge Description: Feeling stuck in life or in business? Consider everything as being under construction. Instead of continuing down the same path, take the time to change things up and design a life you love - starting with these actions.

Go Together


One of our attendees, Chariti Gant, sent us this great photo reminder! Thanks Chariti!

What was your key takeaway from WEDWisconsin?

"Another reminder to lose my fear story. I will continue to lose my fear and step through my fear and put myself out there."

"Be unapologetically myself."

"Schedule time to think big!"

"Don't mute yourself."

"Dance with the fear. Embrace my tribe!"

"Be fearless!"

"Stay positive and work on projecting more confidence."

"Don't give up! I feel very powerful."

"I am thinking differently now."

"Make a plan to pursue crazy goals."

About the Conference:

“Loved the event. Great energy in the room, well run and fun.”

"Thank you - for this rejuvenating day - great learning!"

"Outstanding food choices!"

"It was terrific to be in a room full of women in business."

"Thank you - for this rejuvenating day - great learning!"

"I cannot say enough about the excellent food! To get chia pudding and tofu?!"

"Loved the diverse group of women!"

"A great day overall! Great speakers! Very energetic! Great energy!"

"Great day! Thanks for the love, hard work, and collaboration. POWERFUL day! POWERFUL women!"

"So many movers and shakers!"

"The funding session surprised me - I didn't know there were so many potential opportunities for help and support."


Created by Mary Michaud at VisuaLeverage. Thank you!

Upcoming Event


Looking to change the world, but need a roadmap, a plan?  Come downtown to Dream Bank on December 12th where you'll learn the steps to take to put together an advisory board, the benefits of working together to accomplish a mission, why action, experimentation and creativity are necessary components to any new venture and how you can make something big happen in just 120 days.

Creative Company President Laura Gallagher is the featured presenter.

Laura is one of only 75 women in Wisconsin to be recognized as a trailblazer. She is the author of a book, #180in120 How to Recharge Your Business in 120 Days which you can find on Amazon, on the website. The same ideas in the book were applied to the sold out Women's Entrepreneurship Day conference she and her team produced on November 14th for women in business at Monona Terrace. Today, she will walk you through the steps you can take to lean in, lead and create a movement in 120 days.