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How The Creative Company is Different.

93% of companies say they provide a great brand experience, yet only 3% of their customers agree. 

A compelling experience IS the brand. Your company’s brand is unique, a visual projection of your values, your ideals, your skills, your distinct personality. Capturing and enhancing your identity is what we do best.

Convincing words and compelling designs demand the attention of your voice; converting social media contacts into dedicated followers, blog surfers into real-time subscribers, prospects into profit. By consistently communicating your brand message, we improve brand loyalty by making you immediately recognizable, immediately sellable, and
instantly memorable.

Brand Design and Identity

Experience in corporate brand communications.

  • Presentation templates
  • Brochures/collateral
  • Tradeshow materials
  • Point-of-sale
  • Direct mail
  • Annual reports
  • Corporate I.D. materials

Video Production and Photography

We look good when you look good.

  • Video production/post-production
  • Audio production/post-production
  • Animation
  • Photography

E-Commerce, Digital, Print and Web Design

Full digital services available.

  • Email Marketing
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Print, broadcast, digital, out-of-home media buying
  • Campaign Development and Creative
  • Analytics Results

Another question we get a lot is...

I get spam email offers for SEO everyday. What makes you legit?

We start by looking at two aspects: competition and potential ROI.

For those few entities that operate in a non-competitive environment, congratulations! For the other 99% understanding your competition and environment is critical. Generally there is only so much search activity relating to your business. Your share of this traffic and the percent of that traffic converted toward your goals determines your success.

Logo Design


Complete corporate branding from logos to reports



Print that connects with your audience

Branded Social

Branded social media that stands out AND connects to your brand


Ust because your ad looks good is no insurance that it will get looked at. How many people do you know who are impeccably groomed... but dull?

– Bill Bernback


"Adding a video to the plans for the transition from one CEO to another of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities Mutual Insurance company was a last minute idea. Thanks to the Creative Company’s excellent staff for providing their expertise to guide the messaging and manage the project’s short timeline efficiently. They delivered an excellent video that conveyed our message with heart."

Photo of Member Engagement & Communications Director, League of Wisconsin Municipalities

– Gail Sumi
Member Engagement & Communications Director, League of Wisconsin Municipalities

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