Photo of the Platinum MarCom award The Creative Company won in front of the office's red wall with the company logo graphic.

The Creative Company Wins Platinum in the 2023 MarCom Awards

Photo of the Platinum MarCom award The Creative Company won in front of the office's red wall with the company logo graphic.

In the 2023 international creative competition for marketing and communications professionals, The Creative Company wins a Platinum MarCom Award in the video campaign category. 

The Creative Company was one of 6,500 entries in 2023, submitting materials from its recruitment video campaign for One City Schools in Madison. The campaign featured creative illustrations, strategic messaging, the production of seven compelling videos, and a Google Ads campaign.

A successful campaign begins with first defining the goals, creating a budget, determining the target audience, selecting the media, developing the message, and then creating something worth watching. I'm very proud of our team and their results for One City School. Sarah Schilling established the messaging and creative direction; Tyler Grimh and Cassandra Bretl led the filming and editing; and Craig Hadley orchestrated the Google Ads campaign.

Laura Gallagher
Photo of The Creative Company team members who worked on the One City Schools video campaign.

From left: Cassandra Bretl, Sarah Schilling, Tyler Grimh, and Craig Hadley

MarCom Awards recognize outstanding achievement by creative professionals involved in the concept, direction, design, and production of marketing and communication materials and programs. 

Sponsored and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), MarCom is one of the oldest, largest, and most respected creative competitions in the world.

Not only did Creative Company's campaign win an award, but their work also exceeded One City Schools' initial goal: to boost enrollment numbers. The school continued running the video series past its expected air date so more community stakeholders could watch and understand what sets their school apart.

Cutout photo of the MarComm award.

They captured the exact same things that we really needed to; the messages that we needed to get across to people, and they nailed it.

Kaleem Caire, CEO of One City Schools
Video Campaign Metrics
  • Watch time (hours): 1,216.5 hours or over 50 days!
  • Average Percent Viewed: 92%
  • Total Local Views: 100,000+

This marks the fourth MarCom Award for The Creative Company.