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Why isn’t my social media working like it did a few years ago?

Algorithms and money. That’s why. As more people have populated social media, the demand for content that works has grown as well. If you’re delivering engaging content, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the rest, will move your content to the top of the feed. Without a compelling story, a great narrative and a reason to read, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd or worse yet, not be seen at all.

Additionally, many brands and non-profits haven’t properly resourced this effort, making social media activity something that happens randomly only when someone happens to thinks about it. Social media, like all forms of communication, should be consistent, relevant and helpful. As PR people with a keen understanding and early innovator in social media, we approach it in a unique way – just as a publisher of a novel or a magazine would – strategically.

Get personal. Make it relevant. Be timely.


If an intern is still “doing social media”, you’ve got trouble.

  • Campaign Development and Execution
  • Editorial Content Creation
  • Monitoring and management
  • Engagement
  • Measurement


From CRM to email to website to conversion.

  • Editorial Content Creation
  • Implementation using our proprietary email software system
  • Hyper Targeting
  • Analytics and Measurement
  • Reporting
  • Real Time Results
  • Automated Customer Journeys connect to your CRM


Stop flailing around and wasting time (and money).

  • High ROIs
  • Clear call to action
  • Promotions measured by results

Another question we get a lot is…

I get spam email offers for SEO everyday. What makes you legit?

We start by looking at two aspects: competition and potential ROI.

For those few entities that operate in a non-competitive environment, congratulations! For the other 99% understanding your competition and environment is critical. Generally there is only so much search activity relating to your business. Your share of this traffic and the percent of that traffic converted toward your goals determines your success.

Content Creation


Graphic design and artwork that draws attention to your message

Campaign Development


The best campaigns have measurable goals, a strong message and a clear call to action for your audience.

Measurable Strategy

Measure and grow your brand’s customer engagement with social media


We’ve worked with Creative Company on a number of fronts. The cheese challenge campaign with did in conjunction with March madness has been a real hit! Timely, creative and even something that made the nightly news! While they deliver consistent and creative campaigns to support our ongoing efforts, they also make sure we keep our eye on what’s working and work towards making sure it aligns with our overall business (or cooperative) goals.

– Brendon Smith
Communications Director, Willy Street Co-op

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