Is Your Business Ready for a Crisis?


If a crisis happened at your company or organization in the next hour, would you be ready? Would all staff know what to do first?

If you aren’t prepared for the worst, the media can quickly turn your small crisis into a public relations nightmare.

But, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Here is an example of a situation I saw unfold when I worked in television news…After a parent dropped off their terminally ill child at a center that provided its care during the day, the child tragically died of natural causes related to its illness.

That center did not have a prepared crisis plan in place in the event of something horrible like this happening. When local media got word of the death, the center did not have a statement prepared and instead replied, “No comment.” The news agency was able to confirm the death through police and coroner on the scene, then went on air for the noon newscast reporting that a child had died at the center, but noted the center was stating “No comment.” 

Now, even though this death was of natural causes, by saying “no comment”, it planted seeds of drama and suspicious activity. Eventually, the center provided a statement, but the next newscast wasn’t for five hours. During that five hour time period, the news spread and the reputation of that center could have been permanently tarnished.

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Despite the level of the crisis, here at The Creative Company, we can make sure you’re prepared for the worst.

Crises result from a single devastating event or a combination of escalating events and present a severe threat to an organization’s strategic objectives, reputation and viability. Crises are episodic and of more significant magnitude.

A crisis communications plan is the creation of a response structure and written plan that will guide and optimize reaction to future crises.

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Written by:
Madison Lee
The Creative Company, Publicist & Producer