Media Training: Make it Count with The Creative Company


Congratulations! You have just landed an interview with a local TV station or newspaper. Now what?

With media outlets’ 24-hour news cycles, getting your message broadcast—and received—the way you want can be tricky. Organization and business leaders often mistakenly assume that because they know their companies, industries, and products so well, they can handle a media interview. However, even the most sure-footed spokesperson can bomb an interview when they don’t plan properly. A little media training goes a long way. Consider it an investment in your company. You might only get one chance to tell your story -  make it count.

Whether you’re dealing with a crisis, planning a press conference or even a cooking segment on a weekend morning show, The Creative Company offers media training for individuals or groups. When you have a media training session with TCC, we give you the tools you need to nail your interview. 

Through the training, we will cover key topics, including:

  • Before the Interview
    • What to do right now to best prepare yourself 
    • Knowing your purpose
  • The Interview
    • Answer the questions YOU want to answer
    • Should you ever say “no comment”?
    • Keeping the interview in YOUR control
  • After the Interview
    • Making the most of the recording/article
  • What to Wear 

The Creative Company recently had the pleasure of conducting a media training session with representatives of the Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance. Here is a picture from their interview:

The most important thing about your interview is maintaining confidence and control. The Creative Company can give you the confidence you need to keep and maintain control of your conversation. Madison Lee, with The Creative Company, is a former News Producer.