Positioning Your Organization As A Thought Leader


Recently, a client of ours was featured in a news story related to their area of expertise. This kind of press can establish your business as a thought leader and increase:

For example, with our help, Red Caboose Child Care Center was covered by Madison's WKOW on the impact affordable, inclusive childcare makes in the lives of working parents and the local economy. Doing this also brought awareness around the national "Day Without Child Care."

By staying at the forefront of educational trends and actively contributing to the broader conversation with educators, parents, and policymakers, Red Caboose has an influential voice in the early childhood education industry, shaping a better future for our community.

Are you striving to become a thought leader and make a difference? Professional public relations and publicity can get you there from here!

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Casssandra Bretl -
Public Relations Media Specialist