Andes Mints

The Andes Game

We have a special connection to Andes Mints here at The Creative Company.  Why Andes Mints, you ask? No reason, really.  They just make us happy.

Andes Mints have been around for generations, but they weren’t called Andes Mints originally – here is a little history (courtesy of Wikipedia and Tootsie Roll Industries):

In 1921, Andrew Kanelos opened a candy store in Chicago called Andy’s Candies.  As Andrew opened more locations, he also learned that men didn’t like giving candy to their wives or girlfriends that had another man’s name on it, so he changed the name to the now famous Andes Candies.  Currently owned by Tootsie Roll Industries, the Andes Chocolate Mints or Andes Candies we all know were introduced in 1950 and they became a sensation.

The standard 25-calorie Creme de Menthe Andes Mint is 1.5 x .75 x .25 inches and weighs 4.75 grams: a little piece of mint chocolate heaven.

Of course, none of this matters.

Like I said, we love Andes Mints here at The Creative Company, thanks to our web coder extraordinaire, Ian.  Ian occasionally buys a pack of Andes Mints, and when he is alone in the office, he hides them around our desks.  They are never in the same place (so far) and are in increasingly difficult to find places (how he thinks of them is beyond me).

I have started to develop a sixth sense for where a mint might be, which comes in handy at about 3pm.  More importantly, however, Ian gives us a little piece of joy with each mint.  This year-round Easter egg hunt helps make the magic flow because he keeps us on our creative toes.

Want to take a stab at it? Visit our homepage and try to find the Andes Mint that Ian craftily hid.  It took me 2 minutes, but I knew what page to look on.  🙂  Good Luck!