Website Redesign for a Wisconsin Company with National Reach


Family Fresh Pack Case Study

Earlier his year, Family Fresh Pack, a local cheese specialty packaging company, began a journey to show customers how advanced their innovation process, commitment to the environment, and expertise in packaging is, through the creation of a new website. If chefs, snack kit purchasing agents and national cheese brands could visualize the outcomes of their customized options with packaging, sales would increase.

But how could a website convey fresh, innovative and environmentally responsible business practices in a compelling way?

You had me at “Hello”

Or perhaps with a mouthwatering display of charcuterie! PHOTOGRAPHY was a key component of the new website plan. Three photoshoots capturing the quality, freshness and variety of products were conducted for imagery throughout the site, with a focus on the “hero” image or large “beauty shot” that appears at the top of each page.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I’m certain “delicious, delectable, flavorful, appetizing, tempting, yummy, scrumptious, melt-in-your-mouth…” would all be covered here! Another benefit of great photos: enhance brand recognition by using across channels such as newsletters, social media, ads, etc.

Invite the Customer In

With each word, image and action of the website elements, the customer was invited “into the story” of Family Fresh Pack. Creative copy with clear, call to action steps, compelling images of the process, engaging employee photos, and testimonial quotes throughout the site provide a clear customer journey path.

Innovation on the Go

The original Family Fresh Pack website was not optimized, nor mobile. With their new mobile friendly website, designed from the ground up, customers can more easily find Family Fresh Pack on whatever device they use.

Their Final Products are the Heros

The “Father of Advertising” David Ogilvy 7th Advertising Commandment is “Highlight the product by making it the hero.” The Family Fresh Pack website redesign took this adage to heart by relentlessly focusing on the outstanding quality of the final products that Family Fresh Pack produces for themselves and their clients.

From individual chefs to Fortune 500 executives, whether on phones or desktop computers, users of the new website will see and almost feel the quality and value proposition of the Family Fresh Pack brand.

(Before and After)