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Ever wonder why your web visitors don’t become customers?

At The Creative Company, we take a deep look at your business and work alongside as partners to amplify your messaging and develop website messaging and visuals that produce for you.

Consider Library Terrace, an assisted living facility in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Their focus is on caring for their residents and creating a sense of community, not huge foyers and crystal chandeliers. They came to The Creative Company to rebuild their website to better reflect their unique position in a competitive market.

They have a lot going for them:

  • A location in a single-family home neighborhood close to destinations such as a library, grocery stores, and pharmacies.
  • Low staff turnover for the industry, with some employees serving over 10 years.
  • Competitive amenities such as a shared patio overlooking a European-style fountain and an in-house beauty salon.
  • A stable operation with a friendly, approachable culture.

“Theirs is a unique story,” said Craig Hadley, Content Experience Analyst at The Creative Company. “We wanted the website to amplify their specific service differentiators and to show more than tell this story.”

One way to do that: Replace stock photography with real images, showing people “this could be for my family.” A streamlined web design makes the site more modern and easily navigated, especially on phones. More visuals, less text and subtle animation add for a more pleasurable web experience.

Reducing friction and removing roadblocks with easier-to-use forms and direct calls to action sharpen the website’s focus. All of the improvements had one goal: getting web visitors to pick up the phone and ask more questions or, ideally, book a tour.

Not all was built from scratch in this collaboration. One of the best existing assets of Library Terrace’s social media work is The Hands of Library Terrace. The project features existing photos of residents’ hands and their stories: where they lived and what they’ve experienced. Our web design team was able to package the existing images and words in a visually attractive and emotionally compelling way. “It’s one more way to show people, ‘Hey, this is the place for my loved one,’ ” Hadley said.

Phone of portion of Library Terrace website showing hands project.

The Creative Company also brings authoritative copy writing and editing to the table to amplify your messages. “When we say we’re your partner, those aren’t just words,” Hadley said. “We’re talking about you and your needs.”

So what does the customer think about the experience? Let’s ask the owner of Library Terrace:

"I'm very pleased! The Creative Company is a wonderful partner for my business. They help us share our stories and keep us growing. And their whole team is not only professional and highly skilled, but a joy to work with!"

- Owner, Librry Terrace
Do you want to move the needle for your business? We’ll help make it happen! Let us show you how.

Craig Hadley -
Content Analyst - Senior Web Developer