Creative Company Newsletter: 3 Digital Assets Every Company Needs

3 Digital Assets Every Company Needs

Does your company have the basics covered when it comes to the digital world we live in?

Lights, Camera, Action!

Show, Don’t tell.

How often are you asked for a headshot? Have you noticed that more companies have welcome videos on their home pages? Our fast-paced digital world means that people will watch and see before they dive in and read to learn.

Here are three items every organization ideally has in its digital asset files.

  • Quality Headshots
  • Welcome Video on home page of website (See our example here.)
  • Photographs of the team working and interacting

We recently had the privilege of capturing the Pyran team in action as part of their top ten finalist recognition for the Wisconsin Innovation Awards.  You can see some of those images above. We first met Pyran when they were selected as one of the winners for the Governor's Business Competition. The Creative Company sponsored and awarded them a new website which you can also see here,

An onsite video and photoshoot provided them with consistent and polished headshots, a professional video, and plenty of team shots for editorial and publicity opportunities. We also do this on location at The Creative Company.

To learn more, please reach out to us at 608-442-6336 or email one of our producers, Madison Lee or Jodi Lyon-Grams.


Learning How to Sail

What a fascinating time to be alive! We're all in a period of flux and rapid change and learning. I've noticed a number of people breaking free of old habits and diving into new passions, though, too.

For example, I am learning how to sail. I even raced in two regattas including one on Lake Michigan on a catamaran! Now, in the category of things I never really thought about doing before, racing in a regatta would be on that list. I'd like to thank the current state of affairs for this opportunity to try something new!

We won the first regatta (6 races in all) but we weren't so fortunate on Lake Michigan. Aside from the four-foot waves and the fact that I was certain I was going to hurl, a bolt broke and we had to go in. We made it into shore safely and the captain of my catamaran actually jumped onto another one and continued to race. I was mercifully done for the day. This is what it's like when you're trying something new, though! It's not all smooth sailing. In fact, you have to pay attention to current and future conditions all of the time and every now and then, a puff of wind can come along that can throw you off course. This is sailing and this is life.

In fact, you have to pay attention to current and future conditions all of the time and every now and then, a puff of wind can come along that can throw you off course. This is sailing and this is life.

What a joy it is to have the time to pursue our interests though. I’ve found that it makes me more creative, humble, and happy as I’m challenged and changed for the better.

Although the world has once again changed, resiliency and perseverance are also present as we keep our eyes not on what it is but what is yet to be

For one, we’re excited about our new location. On March 1, 2020, right before Shelter in Place began on March 15th, we moved to our temporary quarters in Main Street Industries at 931 East Main, which is part of Commonwealth Development. We’re just 9 blocks from the State Capitol and a block off of East Washington Avenue. We had been previous tenants in their stage 1 incubator space during the last recession. Isn’t it ironic that we’re back for round 2 during this one?! Well, we are and I’m glad to be “home” once more for a season. It’s been a difficult time for entrepreneurs, business owners, and really, most of us, and yet many here are finding new ways of making it work. I’m grateful to be surrounded by ingenuity, creativity, and tenacity.

With that, we will be moving back to our previous location and into a brand new building at 622 West Washington Avenueon May 1st. Floor plans have been designed and as I write this email, we're about to do our first hard hat tour! We'll be on the ground floor underneath the awning that is closest to the side entrance.

Architectural rendering of the new building at 622 West Washington Avenue.

Here’s to making the remainder of this year our best months and to putting together banner years for 2021. Always know we are here for you when you need marketing and communications guidance. We’re so thankful for you, for this community of business owners, non-profit leaders, dreamers, doers, and innovators. You give us a reason to wake up in the morning and do our best work. Keep being uniquely and wonderfully you, making a difference in whatever way you can. The world needs you now more than ever.

In Their Words: A Testimonial
Conquering CHD - Amy Basken

Storytelling is at the core of any brand. When companies are growing, building, or changing, they call us to help tell the story. This is what our friends and clients at Conquering CHD did when their organization changed its name and underwent a rebranding.

We enjoy working with Amy Basken and the team at Conquering CHD as they continue to share their story of the essential, supportive, life-changing work they do for children and adults with congenital heart disease!