Most companies want great press. When the media loves a non-profit or business, it’s as if all the lights just came on. This takes time and effort though. Many of the organizations you read about, see on television or hear about on the radio have been intentional about their public relations efforts. This isn’t a chance encounter with the other side happening – it’s a committed plan in action.

Advertising is paid media, public relations is earned media.

Public relations has far more credibility than an advertisement too – by a 9:1 to margin – but we think that’s low. A recent study from 2014 by Nielsen commissioned by inPowered on the role of content in the consumer decision-making process concluded that PR is almost 90% more effective than advertising: “On average, expert content lifted familiarity 88 percent more than branded content.”

Steve Cody of Inc. magazine notes “Countless studies report that, next to word-of-mouth advice from friends and family, editorial commentary (usually generated by your friendly, behind-the-scenes PR practitioner) carries far more weight than advertising.”

“It’s not difficult to understand why,” Cody says. “Advertising continues to embrace an antiquated, top-down, inside-out way of communicating. It reflects senior management’s view on what a consumer or business-to-business buyer should think is important. PR, on the other hand, depends upon listening to the conversation and understanding the who, what, when, where, why, and how of engaging in the discussion. Public relations executives excel in storytelling and, typically, present a perceived problem (i.e. childhood obesity) and their client’s unique solution (i.e. a new type of fitness equipment designed by, and for, pre-teens).”

With social media, a great story has lasting impact not only on the news media sites and through Google search but also through the brands’ own channels. It’s an unprecedented time for those who seek and earn great press.

Your Story Matters And We Want Very Much To Bring It To Life. Some Of Our Recent Projects Include:

  • Media relations and advocacy for a capital campaign
  • Employee communications strategy related to a healthcare acquisition
  • News coverage for retail clients in Wisconsin and across the country
  • Issues awareness for a nonprofit
  • Awareness for a community project

Why The Creative Company?

  • Strong Team of Media Insiders
  • Journalistic Skills
  • Connections Across Mediums
  • Passionate Advocacy
  • Experienced PR Professionals

You’re so much closer than you might think to getting the press coverage you need or want. It all begins with a good story though, a solid foundation and PR people who are committed to creating a PR plan and implementing it. It takes time to build the momentum needed to garner great press coverage as well as the trust of the media but the rewards are there for those who dare.

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