EVENT: Communicating with Clarity During COVID-19

The goal in every crisis situation (and the opportunity)
is to build trust.

With the COVID-19 crisis, the opportunities to do so are exponential, intense and necessary. Having a straightforward, quick-response, crisis plan in place will help you navigate this critical time, make your organization more resilient, and allow you to be more confident as a leader.

This communications workshop will be more focused on downtown businesses. We are co-hosting it with Downtown Madison, Inc., a member organization that works through advocacy, research, planning, and community action to create and sustain a healthy and vibrant downtown for all people. 

Join us!  
Monday, April 27th at 2:00 p.m. CST

During this free webinar, you'll discover how to respond, plan, and prepare your organization in the midst of a crisis. We're hosting this limited seating webinar with Downtown Madison, Inc. and hope you can participate!

You will learn the 7 Steps to successfully navigate a crisis. As a bonus, we'll also share with you some guidelines on how to work with the press.

What You'll Learn:

  • The 7 Steps in Crisis Communications Planning
  • The importance of staying calm
  • The Four Question Test
  • The #1 Goal During a Crisis
  • Process for Determining Who Needs to Be Communicated With During a Crisis
  • And More!

Invite colleagues, partners, boards, and others to join us.



Meet the Presenters