Graphic: YouTube has changed their Terms of Service for hosted videos

Is YouTube running ads during your videos and paying you nothing?

Graphic: YouTube has changed their Terms of Service for hosted videos

How does YouTube get away with it?

Does your business use YouTube to host and play videos? A short time ago, you may have noticed that YouTube’s Terms of Service changed. A specific change to the “Right to Monetize” enables Google to run ads on content from your channel even if you are not in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

Q: Can a creator opt-out of these ads?
A: At this time, there is no way to opt out.

Q: Will ads run on our embedded videos, too?
A: YouTube says that ads will not run on live streams or embedded videos.

Q: Do we get a share of the revenue from these ads?
A: Unless you’re in the Partner Program, you will get no monetary benefit, even though Google is running ads during your video.

Q: Do we get any control over the ads that are displayed?
A: We do not see a way for creators to control what ads might appear during their videos without participating in the YouTube Partner Program.

Q: What are our video hosting options?
A: There are a number of alternatives to YouTube. Vimeo, which has a variety of paid plan levels starting at $7.00 per month (, has proven to be an effective option. The next level up is Wistia ( which provides great reporting options at a starting price of $99.00 per month.

Q: How should I decide where to host my videos?
A: Video hosting platforms have many benefits. They provide video players that are likely to work across just about any user’s device or platform. Video hosts allow users to stream directly from their servers which allows the rest of your content to load more quickly. Which platform to use depends on what your goals are for your specific video.

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