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Madison Ballet Leaps into Future with Grand Jeté Capital Campaign

In December, Madison Ballet embarked on an exciting one million dollar capital campaign and enlisted the expertise of The Creative Company for design, press and launch.

The Grand Jeté campaign, meaning ‘big leap’ in ballet, is exactly what the ballet intends to do and will include moving the school to a new location on Odana Road. The efforts gained through the Grand Jeté campaign will allow Madison Ballet to reach more people in an improved facility, strengthening and revitalizing the program. It will also allow more students to achieve their dreams and for more children to experience the dance as nearly 3,000 children have been able to attend the School for free, with this number intended to increase by 15% by 2020.

Here are three ways to get media coverage during your capital campaign:

1) Press conferences

2) Stories about the problem you solve

3) Feature stories on board members or executive team.

The Creative Company can help your next campaign take off with a leap of success too. Let our team of experts join you and start planning today!

If you would like to participate in the Grand Jeté Campaign, secure donations can be made by visiting the Madison Ballet website, by texting 'MadBallet' or 'BigLeap' to 4443-21 or by calling (608) 210-1672.

Madison Ballet, Ballet, Jete, capital campaign