The View From Here, Voice Search, a Website Redesign & More: August 2019 Newsletter


The View From Here


Dear Friends,

Here at The Creative Company, we see first hand the benefits of fast and seamless communication channels. A sound strategy, a planned customer journey, and processes result in business and organizational success.

One of the tools that many people use to make their lives easier is Alexa. Amazon’s bot box owned 75% of the global smart speaker market a year ago, but Google Home is hot on its trails.

Voice commerce is revolutionizing how companies do business as “Alexa”,  or “Hey Siri” is becoming commonplace. In this month’s issue of our newsletter, you’ll find some helpful SEO tips so your brand can make the most of the voice activation world we’re living in.

You’ll also find a customer story from Family Fresh Pack, a national brand, home grown, right here in Wisconsin. In this article, you’ll learn more about why companies build a new website and get a chance to see the newly launched site for Family Fresh Pack.

It’s a complicated, noisy world we live in. My recent obsession is Cal Newport and his books, “Digital Minimalism” and “Deep Work”. Both are worth picking up or listening to. The basic thread that runs through both, is that the biggest competitive advantage you can have today, is to actually put down your phone and live your life.

On that same note, I spent a few days in Sparta, Wisconsin on a farm last month. I was somewhat “off the grid”, which I found to be very restorative. I helped to rescue a few lost sheep, went for long walks in the woods, and fed llamas. It wasn’t an ordinary business trip that brought me there, but it was well worth the extra $30 on Expedia to book a place off the beaten trail.

Here’s to enjoying the dog days of summer that remain and to making the most of every day.


Laura Gallagher, President of The Creative Company
2019 SBA Women in Business Champion

Why Build a New Website?

Family Fresh Pack Case Study


Earlier his year, Family Fresh Pack, a local cheese specialty packaging company, began a journey to show customers how advanced their innovation process, commitment to the environment, and expertise in packaging is, through the creation of a new website.

If chefs, snack kit purchasing agents and national cheese brands could visualize the outcomes of their customized options with packaging, sales would increase. But how could a website convey fresh, innovative and environmentally responsible business practices in a compelling way?

See the Results

Voice Search is Here

The Steps Local Businesses Should Take in 2019

Photo showing Alexa, Google, and iPhone Siri voice enabled devices

You may not realize it, but voice search is already impacting how your customers and potential customers interact with your business or organization.

“Voice search, also called voice-enabled, allows the user to use a voice command to search the Internet, a website, or an app. Voice search is often interactive, involving several rounds of interaction that allows a system to ask for clarification.” according to Wikipedia.
For example, if you’ve asked Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google’s Voice Search, etc. a question, you have performed a voice search. And the growth of voice search is undeniable:

More on Voice Search for Local Businesses

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